Character Assassination


Alcoholic lost rich ‘princess’ loves to lie with low life. Been drunk so long it’s become normal to drink from breakfast to bed and share both booze and bed with all and any that drunk with her. Cancer.


Tight black leather waistcoat, very short leather skirt, stockings and visible suspenders, thigh high shiny patent leather boots. Long dyed black hair. Knows how to turn most men on and enjoys the tease. Bound to please. Scorpio.


Ageless, angelic and fey. An undaunted seeker of spiritual enlightenment who can only see the positive in people, despite the repeated disappointments and disillusions of the cynical and cruel. Always in white fairy dresses with soft long blonde hair.Libra.


Machiavellian Jewish manager of Nun-Such (Rock’s group). Age and infirmity eroding his ability to maintain grip on the reins of his company (Predator). Gemini.


Rock’s personal roadie of long standing. Loyal but savvy. It was he that took on Betty’s idea and shaped it and sold it to Rock. Experiences extreme flatulence and weight problems. Leo.


Middle aged Irish women with colourful past and bohemian lifestyle. Single & living with her dogs in a coastal cottage. Reclusive artist, friendly, but feisty. Libra.


Genuinely talented and very successful Irish musician. Lives in a decommissioned lighthouse on an Atlantic island. Imaginative, inspirational and intriguing. A gentle and spiritual humanitarian. Pisces.


Ruthless, cynical, manipulative. Lead singer and main man of NunSuch. The ‘Patron’ of Dungiggin for purely selfish motives. Increasingly paranoid and losing his self confidence. His nemesis Patsy Purient (a hot gossip journalist) has made it her mission to name and shame him for his excessive lack of morals and lifestyle. Has many dark skeletons in his cupboard that always threaten to rattle his cage. Leo with Scorpio rising.


Drum roadie and competent drummer himself, plays with ‘Up all Night’. Agatha’s Tweedle Dee , also a hopeless loser in the game of life and an explosion in a laundry bag as regards clothing and personal hygiene. Marginally more on the case than Agatha, which isn’t saying much. Cancer


Irish roadie, perpetually adrift of his moorings. Dishevelled happy go lucky Lifestyle ‘ignorance is bliss’. No game of life plan living the moment, never learning from past mistakes and destined to forever repeat them. Tweedle Dumb in every respect. Aries